Behind the recording studio walls

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

all sorts of things can happen.For the most part I have enjoyed every single minute working in a wide variety of studios. Be it Trident, Essex or Surrey Sound studios in the '70's or the legendary

Olympic and Air Studios in the noughties. My favourite place though, has to be working with my pal Kipper at his studio at Sturt Farm. It has great gear, a wonderful warm atmosphere and of course exemplary sound that coupled with Kipper's Grammy award winning talent and his personality make it a joy to work there. You can have the best gear on the planet but if you don't have the right chemistry you're not going to make a wonderful record. Recording is about people.

Hearts, minds, ears....and a lot of luck. I think it was Ahmet Ertegun who said his ability to look good was because he surrounded himself with talent. Oh and yes he did have Jerry Wexler as his right hand man....

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